Inequality Hindering Responses To Ebola In West Africa

Media sources report on how inequality is hindering West Africa’s response to Ebola and making it easier for the virus to spread.

Agence France-Presse: Africa’s uneven health care becomes easy prey for Ebola
“Threatened by the possible spread of an Ebola epidemic which respects no borders, Africa is divided between a handful of countries equipped to withstand an outbreak and many more which would be devastated, experts say…” (Ettaba, 10/1).

Reuters: World Bank chief says Ebola outbreak shows harm of inequality
“Fighting the Ebola epidemic means confronting the issue of inequality, as people in poor countries have less access to knowledge and infrastructure for treating the sick and containing the deadly virus, the head of the World Bank said…” (Yukhananov, 10/1).

Washington Post: What the Ebola outbreak tells us about global inequality
“… ‘Thousands of people in these countries are dying because, in the lottery of birth, they were born in the wrong place,’ World Bank President Jim Kim said in a speech Wednesday morning in Washington. ‘This pandemic shows the deadly cost of unequal access to basic services and the consequences of our failure to fix this problem’…” (Mui, 10/1).

World Bank: Speech by World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim at Howard University: “Boosting Shared Prosperity”
The World Bank provides a transcript of prepared remarks delivered by World Bank President Jim Yong Kim at Howard University on Wednesday (10/1).