Inequality Around Technology, Education, Climate Change Threatens Development, U.N. Report Says, Calls For Investments In Child Health, Learning

NPR: There’s A New Kind Of Inequality. And It’s Not About Income
“…In the latest edition of its Human Development Report, the U.N. Development Programme (UNDP) argues that 20th-century thinking on global inequality no longer works in the 21st century. The report warns that a new generation of inequities are driving street protests and damaging societies — and they’re on track to get worse. … This year the authors say that major societal shifts around technology, education, and climate change are creating a ‘new great divergence’…” (Beaubien, 12/9).

U.N. News: Inequality threatening human development, new global U.N. report warns
“…UNDP research shows that in 2018, 20 percent of human development progress was lost due to the unequal distribution of education, health, and living standards. … The report recommends revamped policies in the areas of education, productivity, and public spending. As inequality begins even before birth and can accumulate through adulthood, investing in young children’s learning, health, and nutrition is key. These investments must continue throughout life as they have an impact on earnings and productivity in the labor market…” (12/9).