India’s Prime Minister Launches New Index To Monitor Air Quality In 10 Cities

Associated Press: Modi blames changing lifestyles for India’s rising pollution
“Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday blamed the changing lifestyles that have come with India’s economic development for rising pollution levels that have given the country some of the world’s dirtiest air. With his government rolling out a new air quality index to 10 of the nation’s cities, Modi urged Indians to curtail waste and conserve resources even as they become wealthier, in order to prevent an environmental catastrophe…” (Daigle, 4/6).

VOA News: India to Monitor Air Pollution in 10 Cities
“…Using a global standard, the new air pollution index will track eight pollutants and use color coding to describe health impacts, with green denoting the cleanest and red the dirtiest air. That will make it easy for citizens in crowded cities like New Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai to assess air quality…” (Pasricha, 4/6).