Indian Researchers Receive Grant To Develop ‘E-Nose’ For Quick TB Diagnosis

“Researchers are developing an electronic nose that would sniff out tuberculosis (TB) like a Breathalyzer detects alcohol, putting an end to current time-consuming tests and possibly saving hundreds of thousands of lives each year,” the Globe and Mail reports (D’Aliesio, 11/7). A team of Indian researchers is planning to have a prototype in hospitals by October 2013, after receiving a $950,000 grant on Monday from Grand Challenges Canada and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, according to the Guardian (Tran, 11/7).

“The so-called ‘E-Nose’ is a battery-operated device, similar to an alcohol Breathalyzer, which offers a rapid and accurate diagnosis,” GlobalPost notes (Morrow, 11/7). “It is estimated that up to 400,000 lives a year can be saved in the developing world by early diagnosis, immediate treatment and reduced transmission of TB,” the Guardian writes, adding, “One big advantage of this hand-held, battery-powered device is that testing can be done at village level so people do not have to make the trip to distant hospitals or clinics for time-consuming testing with sputum” (11/7).