Incremental Changes To ICD Might Make Sense In Digital World

The Lancet: ICD-11: a brave attempt at classifying a new world
Editorial Board

“The 11th version of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) launched on June 18 is the latest attempt at systematically describing and categorizing all human mortality and morbidity. Designed for the global digital age, it is an onscreen, multipurpose, multilingual database interconnecting with other operating systems — including electronic hospital records. It is a quantum leap forward … The ICD-11 now enters a period of testing; the new system will be adopted by the World Health Assembly’s member states in 2019, finally coming into widespread use on Jan 1, 2022. … The protracted nature of these radical overhauls suggests future versions best be developed incrementally. Perhaps employment of the latest technological advances such as artificial intelligence might help?” (6/23).