Increased Private, Government Investment Needed To Address Antimicrobial Resistance

Project Syndicate: A Call to Antimicrobial Arms
Jim O’Neill, honorary professor of economics at Manchester University, visiting research fellow at Bruegel, and fellow of the University of Cambridge’s Center for Rising Powers

“…[W]e do not invest enough in research and development. … That is why I am calling on international donors — philanthropic and governmental alike — to work with the Review on Antimicrobial Resistance to create a new fund to support R&D in this important area. … A solution to antimicrobial resistance need not be expensive. It is likely to cost the world much less than 0.1 percent of global GDP. Weighed against the alternative — $100 trillion in lost production by 2050 and ten million lives lost every year — it is clearly one of the wisest investments we can make” (2/9).