Increased Access To Contraceptives Could Help Ease Climate Threats Related To Population Growth, Population Council Scientists Write In BMJ Paper

Mother Jones: The Climate Change Solution Scientists Have Been Overlooking
“Overpopulation is a major contributor to climate change, but according to new research, a solution is lying in plain sight: increased access to effective contraceptives. ‘Global climate change represents a grave threat to the future of human welfare and our natural environment,’ write doctors John Bongaarts and Régine Sitruk-Ware of the Population Council in New York in an article published Tuesday in BMJ Sexual & Reproductive Health…” (Weinberg, 10/15).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Scientists back wider family-planning access to ease climate threats
“…But efforts to expand access to contraception run into obstacles, from objections by some faith leaders to worries about medical side-effects, said John Bongaarts, a vice president at the Population Council. … Bongaarts said objections to expanding access to contraception cross political lines, with some women’s rights activists, for instance, fearful that encouraging smaller families could turn into stronger pressure to restrict births…” (Goering, 10/15).