Including Water Targets In SDGs Could Drive Awareness, Accountability On Access

Inter Press Service: Opinion: Sustainable Development Goals Could Be a Game-Changer for Water
Betsy Otto, director of WRI’s Global Water Program, and Kitty van der Heijden, director of WRI Europe

“…People, ecosystems, food, energy and cities can’t exist without water. Already, water resources are being strained to the breaking point — in Sao Paulo, northern China, the western United States, northwestern India and many other places. And the world’s water needs are rising inexorably. Yet this World Water Day, we also find ourselves at a watershed moment. There is a powerful opportunity that may help countries move toward better water management: the United Nations’ proposed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). … Strategies to reduce water stress and use water more efficiently have been successfully applied by countries on virtually every continent. Awareness drives action, and transparency drives accountability. … While challenging to implement, the new SDGs could bring unprecedented action to mitigate the world’s water demand and supply crises…” (3/20).