In Working Toward Zero Ebola Cases, World Must Prepare For Future Outbreaks

New York Times: Finishing Off Ebola
Ron Klain, former White House Ebola response coordinator

“…[E]ven as America takes pride in the job we have done [in the Ebola response], it is also important to remember that the job is far from done. We must get to zero Ebola in West Africa. … We also have to end the stigma associated with Ebola patients and responders. … Most importantly, the global community’s tardy reaction to the Ebola outbreak, the early stumbles, and incoherent leadership by the World Health Organization compel us to ask whether we will be better prepared for the next Ebola outbreak. … Beating the epidemic in West Africa is now achievable. But as we finish the job and embrace the survivors and responders, we must also prepare for the next epidemic, before it is upon us” (2/20).