In Tanzania, Private, Public Sectors Should Work Together To Meet Unmet Demand For Contraceptives, Analysis Says

Daily News: Public, private partnership critical to meet demand for contraceptives
“…In Tanzania, 25 percent of the sexually active unmarried women aged between 15 and 49 years have unmet need for family planning, while 22 percent of married women have an unmet need for family planning, according to the Demographic and Healthy Survey of 2015/16. … [F]amily planning and reproductive health are critical issues that can hardly be handled by the government alone. The involvement of other partners, especially the private sector, is inevitable. Owing to high service demand, it will take more than funding alone to meet the growing need for contraceptives. The supply chain that moves family planning products into the hands of the needy women is a crucial link that should be secured and strengthened…” (Mhagama, 12/7).