In Syria, U.S. Should Encourage Allies To Respect International Humanitarian Law, Protect Hospitals, Health Personnel

New York Times: In Aleppo, We Are Running Out of Coffins
Osama Abo El Ezz, general surgeon and Aleppo coordinator for the Syrian American Medical Society

“…The United States should pressure the Syrian government and Russia to immediately halt airstrikes on civilian areas and hospitals and remove their aircraft from the area, which strike fear in the hearts of Aleppo’s children every day. Routes into the city must remain open so that food and fuel for ambulances and hospitals can reach us. We cannot endure a siege. The United States and Russia say they are committed to the cessation of hostilities … But we need more than hollow statements. We need them to push their allies to respect international humanitarian and human rights law. Hospitals cannot be targets. Everyone should be outraged by these systematic war crimes and do whatever they can to make them stop. The destruction of Aleppo is happening under the world’s watch. We pray for it to stop. For Aleppo, for our patients, and for ourselves” (5/4).