In Observing World Blood Donor Day, WHO Recognizes Donors' Personal Commitment To Helping Others

“Today we celebrate World Blood Donor Day — a day devoted to thanking those among us who help save lives through blood donations and to raising awareness of the need for safe and secure blood supplies,” a VOA editorial writes. “Blood transfusion is an essential part of today’s medical care,” it continues, adding, “A safe, sustainable blood supply system is critically important to the health care system of every country.”

“Through its annual honoring of blood donors, the World Health Organization highlights those who make a tangible personal commitment to helping another person in need,” the editorial states. It concludes, “As the Roman poet Virgil wrote, ‘The greatest wealth is health,’ and through their donations blood donors everywhere contribute in a personal and meaningful way to the creation of sustainable, safe, healthy blood supplies that save lives” (6/13).