Improving Women’s Health Critical To Achieving AIDS-Free Generation

Devex: 4 ideas for improving women’s health
Huma Abbasi, general manager of global health and medical at Chevron

“…March is Women’s History Month. This month provides us with the opportunity to reflect on lessons learned from our work to fight HIV and AIDS by supporting women. Ending transmission of HIV from mother to child remains one of the most achievable ways to realize an AIDS-free generation in the near future. Here are four ways to put this into action to improve women’s health: 1. Look for unique partners. … 2. Lean on grassroots. … 3. Make data-driven decisions. … 4. Empower women. … International organizations, nongovernmental organizations, local governments, and the private sector all have a role to play. Building long-term, sustainable, and scalable partnerships that support and empower women will help to build a world we will all be proud to live in” (3/29).