Improving HCWs’ Economic, Physical Health Essential To Creating Strong, Resilient Health Systems

Quartz: The unsung heroes of the Ebola fight need our help
Matshidiso Rebecca Moeti, WHO regional director for Africa

“…Our research suggests that the shortage of trained staff — protected with adequate infection prevention and control systems — to provide basic health services could prove more lethal than Ebola. … Our experience with Ebola suggests that if we fail to address the needs of health care workers as a core part of strengthening health systems, we will fail to adequately repair the health systems of West Africa and may only have a fragile ‘Zero Cases’ situation. … In this last phase of the epidemic, decision makers need to prioritize the economic and physical health of the workers on the frontlines. And we need to make sure there are enough of them to do the job. Once we achieve the goal of zero cases, the world must join forces with national health authorities and political and religious leaders of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone to deliver essential health services that are resilient…” (7/26).