Improving Global Human Health Will Require Collaboration Across Sectors

The Conversation: How the new global goals can help drive systems to address health challenges better
Sara Bennett, associate professor and associate director of the Health Systems Program at Johns Hopkins University, and Kabir Sheikh, senior scientist and director of the Health Governance Hub at the Public Health Foundation of India

“…We believe that the Sustainable Development Goals promise a significant improvement for global health over what went before. … Too frequently those working within the health sector place artificial boundaries around the scope and mandate of the sector. … The Sustainable Development Goals are a timely reminder of the complexity of human health and the systems that support it. … Attainment of these goals will require us to learn collaboratively about how to strengthen health systems and break down artificial boundaries across systems. As we do this we should sustain the inclusive spirit in which the goals were developed, and the collective quest to build healthier societies” (10/1).