Implementing ‘Treatment As Prevention’ HIV Strategy In Canada Could Lead To AIDS-Free Generation

Huffington Post British Columbia: In Canada, We Have the Strategy and the Tools to End AIDS
Julio Montaner, director of the B.C. Centre For Excellence In HIV/AIDS

“…In Canada, we can lead the way forward towards ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic, but a federal level commitment is sorely lacking. … Treatment as Prevention [(TasP®)], pioneered at the [B.C. Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS (BC-CfE)] and based on the concept of providing full access to immediate antiretroviral treatment, has been successful in reducing HIV morbidity and mortality by over 90 percent and decreasing new cases by over two thirds since the early ’90s in British Columbia. … [I]mplementing TasP® in Canada would mark just the beginning of a disease elimination strategy that would improve the lives of thousands of Canadians — in a highly cost-effective fashion and contributing to the long-term sustainability of our cherished national health care system” (4/6).