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IMPACT Program In Kenya Aims To Develop Leaders, Strengthen Country’s Public Health System

CDC’s “Our Global Voices”: IMPACT Program in Kenya: A Fellow’s Experience
Oren Nyambane Ombiro, fellow at CDC’s Improving Public Health Management for Action (IMPACT) program in Kenya, discusses his experience working with the program, and writes, “I believe improving public health management through innovative programs like IMPACT is a step in the right direction for [Kenya]. Delivery of health services is becoming increasingly complicated, with the rising burden of noncommunicable diseases and injuries on top of communicable diseases, frequent disease outbreaks, numerous industrial actions, devolution of health services, shortage of health workers and supplies, emergence of new technologies, and persistence of cultural barriers among other complexities. Navigating these challenges calls for stronger leadership and management ability at all levels of the health system, and I am glad IMPACT is coming in to strengthen public health systems towards achievement of the highest attainable standard of health as envisioned in our country’s Constitution” (2/15).