IMF To Discuss Debt Relief For Ebola-Hit West African Nations After U.S. Proposes Move

News outlets report on a possible move by the International Monetary Fund to forgive the debt of West African nations worst-hit by Ebola.

Inter Press Service: U.S. Proposes Major Debt Relief for Ebola-Hit Countries
“The United States proposed Tuesday that the international community write off 100 million dollars in debt owed by West African countries hit hardest by the current Ebola outbreak. The money would be re-invested in health and other public programming…” (Biron, 11/13).

Reuters: IMF says to consider debt relief for Ebola-hit countries
“The International Monetary Fund will discuss debt relief for Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone at the Group of 20 leaders meeting in Australia later this week as it considers further support for the countries most affected by the Ebola outbreak, an IMF spokesman said on Thursday…” (Yukhananov, 11/13).