HuffPost Examines U.S., Advocates’ Positions On TRIPS Flexibilities In U.N. Draft Declaration On TB

HuffPost: Global Health Community Says The U.S. Is Picking Big Business Over Patients Again
“The global health community has once again found itself in a familiar position: fighting the U.S. on a policy previously seen as a no-brainer. … Despite being the top single-country funder by far in the worldwide fight against TB, the U.S. is on the defensive as other member nations push standard access-to-treatment language in a proposed declaration on fighting TB. Echoing recent moves by the U.S. delegation — such as its resistance to a breastfeeding resolution this year, and lesser-known fights over livestock antibiotics and sugary-drink taxes — the U.S. has ended up taking a solitary stand for the pharmaceutical industry over TB patients, experts say…” (Weber, 7/26).