HRW Experts State Support For U.S. House Bill To Restore UNFPA Funding

Human Rights Watch: U.S. Congress Should Pass Law to Protect Women’s and Girls’ Rights Around the World
Amanda Klasing, acting co-director of the HRW Women’s Rights Division, and Elisa Epstein, senior advocacy coordinator, write, “Human Rights Watch joined 75 other organizations to support a new bill in the United States House of Representatives seeking to restore funding to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), a key agency promoting women’s and girls’ human rights around the world. … UNFPA should be more public and unambiguous in China in defending its own approach to reproductive health care, which is fundamentally premised on voluntarism — that is, the individual right to make your own reproductive health choices. And UNFPA should not just defend its approach — it should work vigorously to advance it with Chinese authorities. Meanwhile, the U.S. should not risk the health of women and girls around the world that rely on the live-saving work that UNFPA carries out daily” (10/21).