Hospitals In Sierra Leone Continue Ebola Response Efforts Despite Health System Challenges

The Conversation: Hospital life in Sierra Leone after Ebola
Tom Solomon, director of the Institute of Infection and Global Health and NIHR Health Protection Research Unit, and professor at the University of Liverpool

“…Work led by my colleagues at the University of Liverpool, and others, has shown that Ebola survivors can be left with a whole series of problems, from joint aches and depression to blindness and deafness. … Even in the most deprived countries there is usually some kind of basic health provision for the poorest people; but here [in Sierra Leone] no money means no health care. … After my brief visit [to Sierra Leone,] there is much to think about. I continue to be amazed by the dignity of the survivors, and the heroic efforts of some of the local and expatriate staff, as well as the patients…” (6/22).