HIV/AIDS Study Findings Presented At IAS 2015 Provide Hope For Cure Research

Agence France-Presse: Hunt for HIV cure bolstered by new research
“A cure for HIV remains elusive, but scientists say the hunt is more hopeful than ever, based on the prospects of new research described at the International AIDS Society conference this week…” (Jones, 7/21).

PBS NewsHour: How early treatment has changed the death sentence of AIDS
“…The three-decade-long fight against AIDS has seen a series of breakthroughs in recent weeks, showing momentum in the push for an HIV cure. [Monday], at the 2015 International AIDS Society Conference in Vancouver, researchers detailed some dramatic findings. They confirmed that, for people with HIV, starting treatments with antiretroviral drugs early did prevent AIDS-related illness and deaths…” (Ifill, 7/21).