HIV Home Tests Should Be Included As Prevention Tool In International Strategies

New York Times: Letter to the Editor: A Different Strategy
Elliott Millenson, founder and former chief executive of the Johnson & Johnson subsidiary that developed the first home test for HIV

“…Now that there are drugs that can help prevent HIV transmission, the World Health Organization appears to see the problems with [the ‘ABC’ HIV prevention strategy — abstain, be faithful, use a condom –] and is promoting guidelines that would ‘increase by nine million the number of people who should get treatment and untold millions the number who should get protective doses.’ Untold millions translates to untold billions in costs, unless pharmaceutical companies are willing to dramatically reduce prices. At the same time, there are less expensive approaches to prevention, including extremely low-cost rapid HIV tests — less than $1 — that people can use at home to test themselves and find out the HIV status of sex partners. It’s time to move past our ABCs” (10/5).