HIV Cure Research For Children, Adults ‘Could Be The Catalyst’ To End AIDS

Huffington Post: Setting the Stage for an HIV Cure
Charles Lyons, president and CEO of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF), and Nicholas Hellmann, EGPAF’s executive vice president of medical and scientific affairs

“…Cure research is an essential step to keeping HIV-positive children alive. It is imperative that children be included in the early stages of cure research and development, as we would not want to repeat the mistakes of the past by delaying the availability of a cure for children. Just as the recent success of adult HIV prevention research benefited greatly from earlier findings that virus transmission from a pregnant woman to her child could be readily prevented with ART, HIV cure studies in children can also prove valuable in advancing adult HIV cure research. This is why President Obama’s political commitment is so important — expanded research into a cure for children and adults could be the catalyst that will allow us to see the end of AIDS within this lifetime” (2/3).