High Cost Might Limit Access To Newer, Brand-Name PrEP Regimen, Researchers Say

Reuters Health: New brand-name HIV-prevention pill not worth the added cost: study
“A cheaper HIV prevention pill is going on sale soon in the U.S., but the price drop won’t help as many people if doctors instead prescribe a newer, more expensive brand-name drug, experts say. HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), a cocktail of drugs combined in a single pill taken once a day, can reduce the risk of HIV infections from sex or injected drug use by up to 99%, researchers note in the Annals of Internal Medicine. High costs, however, keep many patients who need PrEP from taking it…” (Rapaport, 3/9).

Additional coverage of the study and the authors’ presentation at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections virtual meeting is available from MedPage Today and STAT.