Health Workforce Must Grow For New Health Technologies To Succeed

In a guest blog post for “Humanosphere,” Julia Robinson, director of advocacy programs and deputy director for Cote d’Ivoire programs at Health Alliance International, discusses the “‘delivery bottleneck’ for new vaccines — a euphemistic way of describing the fact that Western innovations are piling up because the global south simply lacks the health care workforce and systems to deliver these new health technologies.” Noting April 7-12 is the WHO’s World Health Worker Week, Robinson asserts that “we need to make sure that along with creating Global Development Labs that grow the private sector, we are also channeling resources towards the public sector and the governments whose responsibility it is to provide health care for their most vulnerable populations. We need to make sure that along with shiny new gizmos and the billion dollar checks we’re writing to fund them, we are supporting national governments as they develop innovative strategies to help grow their health workforce” (4/8).