Health Services Organizations Feeling Impact Of Expanded Mexico City Policy, Adapting To Find New Donors To Fill Funding Gaps

Inside Philanthropy: Weathering the Storm: How a Global Family Planning Outfit Is Coping With Funding Cuts
“President Trump has made a mission of cutting funding for women’s reproductive health, but funders and grantees are responding with changes of their own. … With Trump’s re-imposition of the global gag rule, and three more years left in his presidency, instability in funding for global reproductive rights isn’t going away any time soon. Looking ahead, both grantees and funders can be expected to continue adapting…” (Pattee, 2/1).

TIME: The Impact of President Trump’s ‘Global Gag Rule’ on Women’s Health is Becoming Clear
“…In just one year, health care workers say the policy has had disastrous effect; as expected, clinics are shutting down, unsafe abortions are predicted to rise sharply, and families are losing critical services across the globe. While no death count has been directly linked to the policy, providers do have estimates of how many life-saving procedures could have been offered by the funding they are now denied, and the numbers are in some cases staggering…” (Quackenbush, 2/2).