Health Experts Call For Action Against Dengue, Citing Sanofi Pasteur’s Vaccine

Business Insider: Another worrisome problem is afflicting many of the same places where Zika is spreading
“…There’s a commercial vaccine that’s now available for dengue, but it still isn’t available to everyone who needs it. In December, the company developing it, global pharmaceutical giant Sanofi, got approval to distribute its dengue vaccine in some of the areas that need it the most. Sanofi is also one of many companies hot on the trail of a possible Zika vaccine. Business Insider spoke with Sanofi’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Gary Nabel, about why the road ahead is so challenging…” (Ramsey, 2/25).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Health experts press for urgent, integrated approach to tackle dengue
“Health experts called on Thursday for urgent action to tackle the ‘global dengue pandemic,’ and said the number of cases was expected to spike in some countries this year, partly because of the El Niño weather phenomenon. … One impetus for the call to action is Sanofi Pasteur’s new Dengvaxia vaccine that has received approval in Mexico, Brazil, El Salvador, and the Philippines, said Dr. In-Kyu Yoon, director of the Dengue Vaccine Initiative (DVI), adding that other vaccines were in the development pipeline…” (Tang, 2/25).