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Health Care Workers Ask President To Put Pressure On Uganda, Nigeria To Reverse Anti-Gay Laws

The Center for Global Health Policy’s “Science Speaks” blog reports, “More than 900 physicians, researchers, nurses and other health care workers from institutions, facilities and organizations tackling HIV around the world sent a letter to President Obama today expressing horror over anti-homosexuality laws recently passed in Uganda and Nigeria and urging the president to follow words condemning the laws with action. … In their letter, clinicians and researchers from the University of Alabama, Yale, Harvard, Johns Hopkins University, and other health research centers, as well as AIDS-fighting clinics, hospitals, and organizations from Hawaii to Zimbabwe, ask the Obama administration to ‘follow up immediately’ with resources to support and protect those who will be affected. Signers also ask the administration to redirect funding from organizations supporting the laws, and to continue to pressure both countries to reverse the laws” (Barton, 3/13).