Harvard, GlobalPost Panel Addresses Path To Reducing Child Mortality Globally

“The Forum at the Harvard School of Public Health, in collaboration with GlobalPost, hosted a panel on Wednesday to address the path to reducing child mortality on a global scale,” the news service reports in its “Rights” blog. The discussion — moderated by Charles Sennott, GlobalPost co-founder and editor-at-large — “explored what works in the global effort to fight child mortality, and what doesn’t work,” the blog notes, adding, “Panel experts covered issues ranging from malaria prevention to dirty water to maternal health; but they continued to circle back to one central theme: global health is directly related to human rights.” The blog quotes a number of panel participants, including Elizabeth Gibbons, senior fellow and visiting scientist at the FXB Center at Harvard and a former director at UNICEF; Jacqueline Bhabha, director of research at the FXB Center; and Regina Rabinovitch, ExxonMobil malaria scholar in residence at Harvard (Sanchez, 10/11).