Haiti Sees Increase In Guillain-Barré Cases, Possibly Linked With Zika; Private Funding Helping Puerto Rico Address Virus

Associated Press: Concern in Haiti over emerging condition linked to Zika
“…Even after the worst cholera epidemic in recent history, Haiti’s severely under-resourced health sector still does not have routine data collection systems that would allow experts to track and document disease outbreaks across one of the world’s poorest countries. Frontline physicians in Haiti say the assumption is that the uptick of Guillain-Barré cases is due to Zika because it coincides with the spreading epidemic. The WHO says Guillain-Barré reports have increased in 13 countries or territories where Zika is circulating…” (5/23).

New York Times: Private Sector Is Helping Puerto Rico Fight Zika
“As Congress and the Obama administration argue over funds for fighting the Zika virus, private donations — in cash, condoms and mosquito repellent, for example — are helping fill the gap in Puerto Rico. Officials there say they are losing precious time and the donations have helped residents, although the amounts are tiny compared with the need…” (McNeil, 5/23).