Guttmacher Institute, Uganda’s Makerere University Release Study On Abortion Rates, Abortion-Related Complications Among Ugandan Adolescents

Guttmacher Institute: First Study on the Incidence of Abortion Among Ugandan Adolescents Released
“A new study by researchers at the U.S.-based Guttmacher Institute and Uganda’s Makerere University documents, for the first time, abortion rates and the severity of abortion-related complications among Ugandan adolescents aged 15-19. The study … found that adolescents seeking postabortion care for complications resulting from an unsafe abortion or miscarriage did not face greater disadvantages in their abortion care experiences, compared with women older than 20. However, among those seeking postabortion care, unmarried women, including unmarried adolescents, were more likely than married women to experience severe complications.” The study is accompanied by several resources, including an infographic on unintended pregnancy among adolescents in Uganda and a fact sheet on induced abortion and postabortion care among adolescents in Uganda, also available in Luganda (9/11).