Guinea Worm Close To Eradication As Incidence Declines

Slate: Tug of War
“…From 3.5 million cases in 21 countries in 1986, incidence [of Guinea worm] dropped to just 126 cases in 2014, with more than half of those occurring in South Sudan. Vanquishing Guinea worm would be arguably the first great public health triumph of the 21st century. It would also give new life to the human disease eradication movement…” (Palmer, 3/10).

U.N. Dispatch: Guinea Worm Eradication is Near
“…[The] decline [in Guinea worm cases] is thanks in large part to Jimmy Carter and the the work of the Carter Center, which launched a Global Eradication Program in the 1980s. … Adam Weiss of the Carter Center … discusses Guinea worm disease, how this amazing decline in cases has occurred, and what needs to be done to eradicate it once and for all” (Goldberg, 3/12).