Guinea Begins Ebola ‘Ring Vaccination’ Trial; Chinese Researchers Report Results From Another Vaccine Trial

CIDRAP News: Ebola vaccine trial launches in Guinea; Chinese vaccine test detailed
“In an effort to see if a vaccine might be used to drown out Ebola flare-ups, a new trial launched in an area of Guinea where cases have occurred recently, while Chinese researchers reported the first human trial results for a different type of vector vaccine. … [T]he Chinese study has been quickly adapted, with several research questions still to be settled before it proceeds to the next testing phase…” (Schnirring, 3/25).

International Business Times: Ebola crisis: First tests as ring vaccination starts in Guinea
“The Guinean government has on Wednesday (25 March) initiated the very first efficacy trial of an Ebola vaccine this week in Basse-Guinée, one of the country’s virus hotspots. Along with the World Health Organization (WHO), the authorities are rolling out ring vaccination tests of VSV-EBOV, an Ebola vaccine developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada…” (Buchanan, 3/25).

TIME: Ebola Vaccine Trial Starts in Guinea
“…The trial is using what’s called a ‘ring vaccination’ strategy, which means that when a person is infected with Ebola, a group, or ring, of their contacts will be vaccinated. Some of the contacts will be vaccinated immediately, and some will be vaccinated three weeks later…” (Sifferlin, 3/25).