Guardian Holds Roundtable Discussion On Key Family Planning Issues Ahead Of London Summit

As part of its “Young people’s sexual health matters” series, the Guardian reports on a recent roundtable discussion hosted by the newspaper, in association with the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), during which experts discussed key family planning issues ahead of the July 11 London Summit. “There was widespread agreement around the table that while increasing the physical supply of contraceptives to women in the developing world was crucial, it had to go hand-in-hand with better education about sex and relationships and a focus on rights,” the newspaper writes, adding, “Family planning — an unfortunate, old-fashioned term, some said — has long suffered from being associated by critics with population control” (Williams, 7/10).

The article links to three videos of edited sections of the roundtable discussion. The first video, “Understanding young people’s sexual health,” examines young people’s sexual behavior; a second video, “What access is there globally to sexual health education and contraception?,” examines access to information, services and education; and a third video, “Should international funding for family planning and sexual health be conditional?,” asks whether the U.K. should “put conditions on the governments of countries receiving funding to improve sexual health and contraception” (7/11).