Growing Disparities In Health, Well-Being Between Poor, Middle Class Children In Wealthy Nations, UNICEF Report Shows

Newsweek: Wealthy Countries Show Growing Inequality in Children’s Health, Income: UNICEF
“Children in wealthy countries face increasing inequality in health, income, and life satisfaction, according to a new study from the United Nations children’s agency UNICEF…” (Westcott, 4/13).

New York Times: U.N. Reports Growing Inequality Among Children in Rich Nations
“…The study, published by the United Nations Children’s Fund, or UNICEF, focused not on the gap between the richest and poorest segments of societies but rather on the widening disparities between children at the bottom and their peers in the middle…” (Gladstone, 4/13).

VOA News: U.N.: Wealthy Countries Failing Disadvantaged Children
“…The UNICEF report ranking the well-being of children in 41 high-income countries analyzes the consequences of this growing inequality. The gap between rich and poor in most wealthy countries is at its highest level in three decades…” (Schlein, 4/13).