Group Of Women With HIV File Complaint With South African Gender Commission Regarding Alleged Coerced, Forced Sterilizations

Independent Online: Forced sterilization: complaint lodged
“A group of HIV-positive women, who were coerced or forced into being sterilized, are seeking redress for what happened to them and are asking that the law be changed to stop the discrimination. Her Rights Initiative (HRI) and Oxfam lodged a formal complaint on Wednesday with the South African Commission on Gender Equality regarding the sterilizations…” (Serrao, 3/19).

Mail & Guardian: ‘Forced’ sterilization of HIV women violates rights
“…The complaint is based on 48 documented cases where HIV-positive women were sterilized without their consent or coerced into signing consent form for sterilization. These cases reportedly took place in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal between 1986 and 2014…” (Koka, 3/19).