Greater Attention To, Investment In Infectious Diseases Needed To Prevent Next Epidemic, Experts Say

HuffPost: More Dangerous Outbreaks Are Happening. Why Aren’t We Worried About The Next Epidemic?
“…[W]hile this year’s outbreaks [of Ebola, MERS, Zika, Nipah virus, Lassa fever, and Rift Valley fever] have been relatively contained, experts worry that the lack of investment in research and development as risk factors for outbreaks grow could lead to an outbreak they won’t be able to stop. That doesn’t just threaten lives, it could also threaten global security and stability — after all, outbreaks have no respect for borders. … Even Congress is asking for more regular updates. … The combination of massive widespread urbanization, explosive population growth, increased global travel, changing ecological factors, steady climate change, and the exploitation of environments is driving an era of converging risk for outbreaks, experts say…” (Weber, 7/18).