Governments Must ‘Take Lead’ On Ending Childhood Obesity

Newsweek: Ending Childhood Obesity is a Global Challenge
Sania Nishtar and Peter Gluckman, co-chairs of the WHO’s Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity

“…[O]nly a concerted whole-of-government and whole-of-society approach can hope to stem the rise in obesity. … [G]overnments must show leadership because the sectors involved are much broader than just health. … [The WHO’s Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity’s] recommendations focus on changing an environment that tends towards obesity — by encouraging and improving access to healthy diets and physical activity — and ensuring a healthier life course … Changing … cultural norms will be vital if the Sustainable Development Goals’ targets for reducing premature deaths due to noncommunicable disease, malnutrition in all its forms, and Universal Health Coverage are to be achieved. … As [WHO director general Margaret] Chan noted, ‘implementing the recommendations will take political will, and courage.’ Governments must take the lead in ensuring appropriate action” (1/30).