Governments, Funders, Donors Must Invest In Prevention Efforts To Avoid Future Epidemics

BBC News: Zika and Ebola: A taste of things to come?
Seth Berkley, CEO of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

“…[W]hy does it take a global health emergency for us to even realize no vaccine [for a particular disease] exists in the first place? … Part of the problem is that for some serious diseases there is simply no profit in prevention, which means that if we want to avoid epidemics we cannot expect industry to provide the solution. Instead governments, public funders, and private donors need to share the costs, and they need to do so now, rather than waiting until the next epidemic. … What Zika and Ebola have both taught us is that we can’t assume pathogens will continue to behave the same way. We need to stop waiting until we see evidence of a disease becoming a global threat before we treat it like one” (2/26).