Governments, Aid Organizations Should Ensure Public Awareness, Continued Support Of Lake Chad Region

HuffPost: Why Is No One Talking About One Of The World’s Largest Humanitarian Emergencies?
Alexander Matheou, executive director of international at the British Red Cross

“…The response from the international community [to the Lake Chad crisis] means famine has so far been averted, but getting aid to people is not easy. … The severity and complexity of this crisis means that it shows little signs of abating. … Aid organizations will need to adapt their approach to support different vulnerable communities, including ‘new’ and ‘long-term’ refugees, as well as those that choose to return home and rebuild their lives. Greater commitment and engagement is needed by governments and humanitarian organizations to help address the underlying existing grievances. This is not a crisis that can be solved by a military response alone. … [W]e must all work to ensure that the momentum of public awareness and support is maintained, to make sure that voices … are heard in this silent emergency” (9/6).