Government Investment, Community Engagement Critical To Measles Eradication, Globally, In U.S.

The Lancet: Measles eradication: a goal within reach, slipping away
Editorial Board

“…WHO called vaccine hesitancy one of its top ten threats to global health in 2019. … [V]accine hesitancy isn’t just a personal issue. With a condition as contagious as measles, the choice not to vaccinate leaves the immunocompromised and children too young to be vaccinated at risk of infection. Measles continues to spread within the USA and internationally in isolated, under-resourced, and conflict-riven areas. … [F]urther government investment and community engagement are required, in America and globally: from efforts to communicate the effectiveness of vaccination and the dangers of diseases parents may have no first-hand knowledge of, to making vaccination as easy as possible by providing the option of community and home vaccination for large families, families with limited means, or vulnerable populations. Fifty-six years ago, millions faced measles every year. Today, only a bare handful do, and that success should spur us to make the effort to engage, inform, and ensure that measles is controlled globally once and for all” (4/27).