Global TB, Polio Efforts Under Threat As COVID-19 Continues To Spread, Experts Say

Devex: TB programs, trials pause as COVID-19 spreads
“…Health care workers and TB experts have told Devex COVID-19 has significantly disrupted TB programs, particularly in some of the highest-burden countries…” (Ravelo, 4/23).

Devex: Polio eradication efforts under threat as vaccine campaigns halted
“…The fight against polio — which causes paralysis and primarily affects infants — had looked promising, with two of the three wild poliovirus strains eradicated. However, it is now in a precarious position, as vaccination campaigns are halted until at least June because of the risk that health care workers could spread COVID-19 among communities. Funding is also a concern…” (Worley, 4/22).