Global Scale-Up Of Chlorhexidine Can Reduce Rates Of Newborn Deaths, USAID Blog Says

USAID’s “ImpactBlog”: How One Simple Solution Has Saved Thousands of Babies
Mateo Haddad, global health communications intern, and Bethany Reyes, data science intern, both at USAID, discuss the use of the antiseptic chlorhexidine to prevent infections in surgery and childbirth in Nepal and other nations. The authors write, “In low-resource countries, [chlorhexidine] can also be used to protect the umbilical stumps of newborns to prevent life-threatening complications from infection. … As the use of chlorhexidine for preventing newborn deaths continues to grow, the global health community must keep on exploring new ways to introduce and scale-up proven life-saving interventions” (7/26).