Global Public Health Authorities Must Take Urgent Action In DRC To Ensure Ebola Does Not Spread

Washington Post: Health officials must learn from their mistakes before Ebola jumps the fence — again
Editorial Board

“…Global public health authorities need to figure out not only how to save lives with medical treatment but also how to do so in war zones, as is sometimes accomplished, albeit with difficulty, in humanitarian relief. In the case of Ebola, the primary health care tactic is to contain the virus inside a ring, interrupting transmission, a process that requires several steps: surveillance, case investigation, contact tracing, and vaccination. … Yet, lately, case counts have risen to double digits on many days. A surge of violence has intimidated many people from seeking treatment, making the virus harder to contain. … The WHO response has been far better than its disastrous performance in 2014 but is still … short of what’s needed to fight the outbreak. Everyone needs to wake up to the urgent needs and long-term lessons, before Ebola again jumps the fence” (4/24).