Global Partnership, Action Required To Eradicate Childhood Pneumonia

The Guardian: Action not words needed over biggest public health failure of our time: pneumonia
Larry Elliott, economic editor at The Guardian

“…Why is there no outrage at the idea that somewhere in the world a child is dying every two minutes from something that could be easily and cheaply treated? Where are the international initiatives? Where is the coalition of rock stars, billionaire philanthropists, and politicians announcing at Davos a major drive to eradicate pneumonia? … In part, the painfully slow progress in eradicating childhood pneumonia reflects the failure to make tackling inequality central to achieving the [Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)]. … [W]hat is required is action at all levels: higher spending on health in developing countries; specific action plans to tackle pneumonia; and international initiatives to increase supplies of cheap drugs. Doubtless, there will be much hand-wringing this week [at Davos] about the importance of international cooperation in creating a new and better globalization. The willingness to tackle pneumonia is a test of that commitment because it requires a global partnership, the transfer of resources, and an eagerness to put the interests of the poorest and most vulnerable first. Above all, it requires a willingness to act, not only talk” (1/20).