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Global Network For NTDs Policy Brief Address Maternal, Child Health

The Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases’ (NTD) “End the Neglect” blog notes the release of “the Global Network’s new policy brief, Better Health for Mothers and Children [.pdf], which urges policymakers to integrate NTD treatment into programs designed for improving maternal, newborn and child health.” The blog continues, “Integrating NTD treatment into existing maternal and child health efforts can help mitigate anemia, improve nutrition, and better equip a mother and her child’s immune system to fight off additional health threats, improving their overall health status and quality of life. As policymakers, non-profit organizations, and global leaders work to prepare the post-2015 development agenda, it is important for them to see the link between NTDs and women’s health and ensure that the programs include treatment for NTDs.” The blog notes, “For only 50 cents per person per year, pregnant mothers around the world can be protected from the effects of NTDs” (Corona-Parra, 5/16).