Global Leaders Should Prioritize Removing Barriers To, Investing In Breastfeeding

Devex: Breastfeeding should be a global priority
France Bégin, senior nutrition adviser for infant and young child nutrition at UNICEF

“…At this year’s United Nations General Assembly, policymakers and elected officials should increase their political commitment for breastfeeding as they work to tackle issues of critical importance related to the health, wellbeing and economic success of their 193 states. … Not only does breastfeeding play an essential role in eradicating hunger, preventing malnutrition, and boosting health outcomes, it’s fiscally smart too. … Our leaders need to support policies and programs and provide resources for families that ensure moms are able to nurse their babies — not just at birth, but for as long as they want. It’s up to all of us to make sure women are not forced into the false choice of giving up breastfeeding or nursing less frequently because our society makes it difficult. The implications for global health and economic outcomes are vast; policymakers worldwide would be wise to invest in breastfeeding and reap the benefits” (9/22).