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Global Leaders, Governments Must Take Action Against NCDs

Devex: Opinion: Enough of sleepwalking into a sick future
Zoleka Mandela, founder of the Zoleka Mandela Foundation

“…[Non-communicable diseases (NCDs)] do not discriminate. More than 85 percent of … premature deaths [from NCDs] will occur in low- and middle-income countries for two reasons: Failure to address the causes, and failure to provide access to universal health care in order to give everyone a fighting chance at life. … The inaction that prevents millions of people from suffering and dying from preventable NCDs and road traffic injury is the unfortunate result of neglect across the globe. There has been a failure not only from our leaders and governments of the international community but as well as in global commitment and funding. … Our leaders must respond to this global health crisis with serious action. They can, and they must strive to be better — they must strive to do everything possible to deliver health to all people, no matter their race, location, or status. The silence must end now” (10/1).