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Global Health NOW Wraps Up Reporting From 71st WHA

Global Health NOW: Alex Azar’s Excellent UHC Adventure
“…U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar brought a crystal clear Trump administration message of improving health care and access by relying more on the private sector, while global health experts who spoke after him emphasized more collaborative, public efforts…” (Simpson, 5/25).

Global Health NOW: Kwanele Asante: “It’s Our Lives That Are At Stake” (Simpson, 5/25).

Global Health NOW: Back To The Circus: Loyce Pace On The Value Of The World Health Assembly (Simpson, 5/24).

Global Health NOW: 5 Trans Fat Takeaways from #WHA71 (Simpson, 5/24).

Global Health NOW: Ready For The Next Outbreak? Let’s See Your Number (Simpson, 5/24).

Global Health NOW: Global Health NOW at #WHA71 (Simpson, 5/17).